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Improved flexibility can not only prevent injuries and increase athletic performance, but also gently lengthen muscles and improve tissue elasticity. Since we spend so many hours in front of the computer, stretching exercises can prevent many aches and pains that keeps us from doing the things we really enjoy. Daily stretching should be a key ingredients in everyone's physical fitness program.

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Your fitness coach always praises you for your hard work and great effort in the weight room and during the cardiovascular activities. However, she always gets on you for not stretching before and after your workouts and she wants you to design the perfect flexibility routines to fit your needs. After all, being sore after each workout has also gotten to you.....

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1. Surf the internet in search of valuable knowledge regarding stretching training principles, warm-up, cool-down, techniques, exercises, and valuable training tips.

2. Decide the physical activity the flexibility workout routine is preparing you for.

3. Select a minimum of  4 stretching exercises for each of the following body regions;

  • * legs
  • * arms
  • * back 
  • * stomach
  • * neck and shoulders

Each stretching exercise should include step-by-step directions and a picture.

4. Create a poster board or power point presentation displaying a warm-up routine and a cool-down routine. Be creative! You can use additional pictures, text and activity information. The warm-up routine as well as your cool-down routine must include 10 stretching exercises (20 total). Each individual stretching exercise should include step-by-step directions and a picture.

5. You are the COACH - lead the class in a warm-up and cool-down.


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The student will be graded based on your completion of the three  sections; 

  • 4 stretching exercises with directions has been saved on a disk or printed - 50 points
  • create a 10 stretching warm-up routine and a 10  stretching cool-down routine on a poster board. Color, pictures, step-by-step directions, and lots of creativity must be included :)  - 100 points
  • lead your class in a warm-up and a cool-down - 50 pts

        Total points = 300 pts


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Through developing your own flexibility routines you can also help to influence those around you to take a serious look at their own programs.  Don't stop at yourself...use your knowledge and inspiration to help care for those around you who are important to you.  Make each day count, life is too short.  Live - enjoy - be healthy!

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You have designed a stretching routine that can be shared with the class. Take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Add some questions of your own. You will be ready for the debriefing session your teacher will lead.

  • What resources were the most helpful? 
  • What advice would you give to another class doing this project?
  • What could be improved about this project?
  • Did you enjoy doing this?

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1. Design warm-up routines and cool-down routines for other sports and activities. Research the specific needs for the sport or activity you choose.

2. Interview a physical therapist regarding the importance of stretching and improved flexibility. Create your own questions. If you prefer, you can search the web  to find the answers to your interview questions. 


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Teacher Notes

Arizona State Standards #7: Goal Setting and Time Management Skills

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