"The first wealth is health."  

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Now more than at any time in our history we have evidence that healthy lifestyles are effective in reducing risks of chronic disease and improving quality of life. Since we are also the fattest country in the world, there are lifestyle choices we can make to reduce our weight, improve our physical fitness and live a healthy, productive  life.   The "Fitness Quest" questions will guide you in your crusade for creating improved physical fitness and better health for  yourself and your clients.

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Your best friend has decided to start a physical fitness program to get back into shape. Since he or she has not been very physically active for the past few years, he or she wants your guidance in designing a physical fitness program that fits her/his needs. Being the good friend that you are, you have decided to spend some time on the computer and research the latest and most updated information available. By answering the questions below, you will be on your merry way in helping your friend;

Answer the following questions before meeting with your client. 

1. When and how do you take your resting heart rate?

2.  How do you determine your target heart rate?

3. How do you determine your percent body fat (body composition)?

4. Define and explain the physical fitness components below. In addition, list 2-4 activities that promote the listed components;

a) cardiovascular fitness

b). muscular fitness

c). muscular endurance

d). flexibility

5. In order to improve the above listed physical fitness components, how do you apply the "Principles of Training" (Principle of Overload, Principle of Progression, Principle of Specificity)?

6. Print a copy of the Food Pyramid.

7. List the essential nutrients.

8. What does a balanced diet look like?

9.  How much water should a person drink per day?

10.  How does stress affect health?

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The Process

1. Start surfing the internet. Research and answer the questions listed in the task section.

2. Create a physical fitness portfolio for your client. For instance, all the information you collect from your client can be collected in a notebook, manila folder or other similar device. Make the portfolio as professional as possible. folder.

  1. In your journal, make a profile chart for your client and evaluate your client's present fitness level. These are some questions you may need to include in your profile chart;

  1. In your journal, determine your client's goal. Be as specific as possible by including desired measurements, percentages, scores, weight etc)
  2. Design an exercise program for your client. Remember to consider the time and resources (access to equipment, money, etc.) he/she has available and his/her likely comfort level with the activities. Record your reasoning in your project journal.
  3. Develop one week's menu for your client. Use the food pyramid to nutritionally balance the menu. Set maximum amounts for daily calories consumed and grams of fat consumed. Include between-meal snacks and remember to consider your client's lifestyle when designing meals - preparation time, access to ingredients, etc. Record your reasoning in your project journal.
  4. Use your project journal to create a rationale for the program. Explain the decisions you made in determining the goal weight, menu and appropriate exercises. This helps the client understand how your program is uniquely designed with their needs and lifestyle in mind.
  5. Make a list of helpful hints in order to be truly successful completing this workout design. Be sure to consider your clients lifestyle and habits.

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Use the following resources, as well as your own, when answering the listed questions and when designing your client's workout program.

General Health and Fitness:



Weight Lifting:




Diet / Nutrition:


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    The student will be graded based on your completion of the three sections; 

        Total points = 200 pts

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After spending quite a few hours surfing the net, I hope you have learnt a lot about designing a physical fitness program. At this time you should be able to design programs for almost anyone. The more knowledge you gain, the more specific you can be when designing future workout routines. Since starting a physical fitness program is a lifestyle change, it's important that you continue to motivate and help your client in reaching his or her goals. 


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A wise person once said "Being physical fit, may not add years to your life but rather add life to your years". How can you use this saying when selling your product to your client?

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After completing this project, you can further your practice by;

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Teacher Notes

Arizona State Standards #7: Goal Setting and Time Management Skills

"Students will be self-directed learners in pursuit of realistic personal fitness goal."

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